OTA Platform

OTA platform is an operating solution that allows the execution of SIM card data updates and installation of new applciations on the SIM card. The download of new updates on the SIM card is performed automatically and via centralised interface of OTA platform without the participation of users using SMS transport.


OTA platform is a modern system that allows the following standard operations:

  • RFM - SIM card data management, download/update of the counters, variables and settings
  • RAM - download and management of applications on the SIM card, installation of new, deletion, and update of existing applications
  • CLM - management over full lifecycle of the SiM card: from making changes to the counter to the full lock.

The solution stands out by its flexibility, scalability and high productivity.

The ability to deliver on-demand updates and within the bounds of campaign.

The versatility of the solution lies in the possibility of its deployment in any environment, an hardware architecture that support Java.

The support of SMMP protocol transport layer and the incrorporation of SIGTRAN protocol.

Reporting on the platform's activities may be received with the help of WEB portal reports or it can be exported to the external system.


  • The support of transport protocols SMPP v3.4 and SIGTRAN
  • Compliance with 3gpp 23.048 and Global platform standards
  • Configuration with the use of XML files, telnet consoles and WEB portal
  • Monitoring using SNMP and via websocket connectors.