Distribution of informational messages

Software solution for receiving and sending messages via various channels. The solution can work both separately and together with other programming solutions by organising a single terminal point for reception and transmission of the messages.


The main objective of the "Distribution of informational messages" solution is the alliance with the telecom operators and other providers of message delivery.

The core of the solution consists of:

  • the message processing queue;
  • routers, which identify where and how each individual message should be delivered;
  • the database that stores the settings and saved transmitted messages.

As well as handling delayed delivery, the router can also perform an immediate processing of the messages. The messages can be delivered both to incoming channels and to the channels for data exchange that are connected to the ordering client's internal systems that processes and perform business activities.

This solution can be used for the following:

  • sending out notifications to the telephone subscribers from the ordering client's system. For example, the system could notify the telephone subscriber that the certain operation has been delayed;
  • organisation of a single point for receiving messages for automated service delivery system;

Solution supports activities in any operating system, where Java Runtime Environment is present.

Solution enables the deployment in a clustered environment for addressing scalability and fault tolerance issues.


Two-way message exchanging per protocols:

  • SMPP v3.4 for the dispatch

Telecom solutions' vendor support

  • Huawei parlax
  • IBM bharti CP
  • Comviva
  • HxC
  • CellCube
  • OpenCode
  • ThruRoute
  • Tayana
  • Infobip XML gateway

Social channels:

  • Viber
  • WhatsUp
  • Telegram
  • Skype

Mobile channels

  • Apple Push Service Notifications (APNS)
  • Google cloud messaging (GCM)

Internal protocols for the integration with Clients' systems

  • WebService
  • CSV
  • Infobip XML gateway