Self-service Kiosk

Self-service kiosk is a complete hardware-software complex for the work automation of the vending machine network designed to sell goods or services to the buyer without the direct involvement of the seller.


Self-service kiosk solution consists of hardware and software parts. Hardware part can be of any kind, including Crestwave technologies.

Software parts of the solution include the core of the kiosk,user window display and the server side.

The core of the kiosk is responsible for the connectoin and interaction with the rest of the equipment. It saves the data regarding the payments, goods in a local database and grants the interaction with the user via the window display and with the server side.

User window display is what the user sees, when approaching the kiosk. The solution includes examples of implementations of window with the API descriptions for customization and for the creation of new versions. For the creation of the window display hte knowledge of HTML and Javascript languages are required, therefore the process is availbale for the middle web-master.

As a server-side solutions the Payment Gateway or any other similar solutions provided by CrestWave Technologies can be used. For connecting to and managing the network of kiosks in a Payment Gatewat the following modules were realised:

  • management of kiosk network,
  • remote update of kiosks,
  • synchronisation of libraries and settings,
  • payment acceptance


Kiosk solution allows the user to access the following services via trade terminal:

  • selection of the required products or services using sensor screen and formation of the basket;
  • order processing with the susbequent delivery, collection of goods from the store or from the pick-up point;
  • payment for the order made by cash through the bill acceptor;
  • payment for the order made by card through the card reader;
  • payment for the order using mobile money and mobile wallets;
  • purchasing of goods with the immediate issue of the products at the kiosk;
  • mobile phone top-up or topping up the change to the mobile phone;
  • paying in cash money to any electronic account with the prior check in a processing center;
  • receipt of the information about the balance available in the electronic account that is serviced by the system.

Features and Benefits

  • interaction between devices via secure ssl-channels in the online mode,
  • operation in the offline mode,
  • support of any hardware realisation of kiosk,
  • ability to work with x86 или ARM, CWT kiosk or any other devices,
  • standard technologies for the creation of kiosk windows use HTML and JavaScript,
  • ability of direct delivery of the goods,
  • ability to connect to any processing solution,
  • processing of standard requests check/pay/status,
  • realisation of payment requests with the receipt of additional data.

Supported equipment

  • Architecture x86 или ARM,
  • Sensor screen,
  • Bill acceptor, CashCode, ITL NV9,
  • Receipt printer, Custom, Epson, Fujitsu etc.,
  • Coin acceptor,
  • Pin-keyboard, Ingenico,
  • Card reader, Ingenico,
  • Contactless readers, ACS, Ingenico,
  • GSM modems.