Android developer


We are looking for people willing to work hard and fruitfully to solve interesting problems and grow with the company.

Our customers are banks, payment systems, telecom operators, large retail chains, both foreign and Russian.


  • Development mobile application for Android using Java language;
  • Participation in the development of internal and ordered projects.


  • Confident knowledge of Java and Android framework;
  • Knowledge and experience of information exchange packaged protocols XML, JSON, etc;
  • Undestanding the principles of relational databases, basic knowldge of SQL;
  • The level of english language sufficient for reading technical documentation.


  • The presence of uplifting sense of beauty and appreciation of what is beautiful and what is not;
  • Basic knowledge/practice in graphics design;
  • Experience in web design and HTML coding;
  • Knowledge and experience with unix-like operating systems - linux, solaris, aix;
  • Practice in other programming languages in addition to Java - Python, Go, Swift, C etc.;
  • Experience of developing business proposals and understanding of planning processes are required.


  • Trial period of 3 months;
  • The salary will be determined by the results of the interview and depend on the candidate's experience and qualification;
  • Stable salary, official registration in compliance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation;
  • Loyalty and lack of bureacracy;
  • Career growth.

Please send your CV and Cover Letter to: